Return to your true self

The Atma Space: a sacred place in downtown charleston,  where anyone is welcome to come and let the walls down, take off the masks, breathe, find peace, and rediscover the universal innate goodness that resides within us all. Through movement, stillness, and touch I offer each client the opportunity to turn their attention from the external world to the internal one. Make time today to pause, reset, and return to your true self. 

Hand Massage
Yoga Mat and Straps
Mudra Meditation


Supported Healing Through Touch


Supported Healing Through Movement



Supported Healing Through Stillness



Hello! My name is Neva Kay Ferrantelli

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Mindfulness Facilitator. I received both my yoga and mindfulness certifications from the University of Vermont while also completing an Environmental Science degree. Shortly after graduating from UVM, I expanded on my love of physical assists and anatomy from the yoga practice to massage therapy.  In my quest to learn about how we could better take care of our Earth, I came to learn how important self-awareness is to cultivating a better world. I believe that by taking time to focus on the individual through these contemplative practices, subtle positive shifts in mind and body occur and eventually lead to drastically positive lifestyle changes. Every community is made up of individuals and if every individual was a little more authentic, healthy, supportive, present, spiritual, caring, and humble then those traits would surely be reflected in the larger community. My personal project is to always be learning, improving, and sharing what I learn with others so that we can better co-create our existence on this planet. 

The Atma Space is my offering. To the best of my ability I will first, see the good. I will be present and authentic with each person who comes through the door and the lessons they have to offer.  I will hold a safe space of acceptance, non-judgment, exploration, and curiosity

Join me. 

"...the Atma - which is existence itself, awareness, pure consciousness."

"...the True Self Within that is eternal, indestructible, and changeless..."

from stanzas 16 and 21 of The Bhagavad Gita, A Walk Through for Westerners by Jack Hawley. New World Library. 2001.

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