Supported Healing Through Touch

Intentional touch in the form of gliding strokes, pressure, rocking, shaking, holding, stretching, and other motions targeting the soft tissues of the body to promote healing through relaxation, release of muscle tension, and increased blood and lymph circulation. 

Each massage is catered to your desires and your body's needs from deep rest to pain relief and maybe even a spiritual experience. 

Currently offering: 

60 Minutes: A full hour of deeply relaxing hands on body work. 

90 Minutes: More time for more focused body work.

Deep Tissue: A style of massage that uses many techniques to release tension and aches in deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. 

Hot Stones: Massage with Synergy Stones- hand made ceramic stones elegantly shaped to glide smoothly with the contours of the body. These stones are warmed and then used to soften tissues and melt away muscle tension. 

Cupping: Soft silicon suction cups are used to lift the skin and superficial tissues to increase flows and help the body remove adhesion or blockages between tissue layers. 

Couples Massage: Enjoy the cozy studio space side-by-side with your partner while you both receive a synchronized massage - 60 or 90 Minutes 

(with Miwa Robbins of Flow State Healing LLC)

Please email to book

90 Minute Intuitive Integration: During this session you grant me the freedom to intuitively apply any massage technique including deep tissue, hot stone, and cupping as I feel necessary to promote your holistic healing. I promise to listen intently to your body's feedback and boundaries so that you may feel safe and supported, allowing you to relax and release as fully as possible.


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