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Supported Healing Through Stillness

Meditation is a practice of cultivating focus, concentration, clarity, and equanimity within the mind. We do this in stillness, usually in a formal seated practice, so that when things in life become turbulent we already have this foundation of stillness to guide us.  There are many styles and techniques to meditation and I am more than happy to explore with you what works best for you and your lifestyle. 

Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment, and can be cultivated anywhere, with any task. Mindfulness can also be practiced through meditation and works with curiosity, exploration, non-judgement, and acceptance of all that is here and now. 

Currently Offering: 

45 Minute Meditation session: This time will consist of a formal seated meditation practice along with some talking about our experiences so that we may learn from each other and expand our knowledge of the practice. 


4 Session Package: 4, 45 minute sessions structured around your meditation goals. A great option if you are looking to establish a more consistent mediation practice in your life.  

10 Minute Mindful Awareness Cultivation Add On: Add 10 minutes to any service, including yoga and massage, of guided mindfulness meditation to bring your awareness to the present. This may result in an overall more satisfying experience. 


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